Who We Are

Why We Care About Fremont County

Fremont County Women Who CareFremont County Women Who Care began in 2021 when a group of women came together to make a local impact. After discussion and inspiration from other organizations around the country, a shared commitment to give back to local nonprofits, and a strong desire to strengthen community ties, Fremont County Women Who Care was born. 

The members of Fremont County Women Who Care love this community deeply. This passion explains why we are dedicated to making it a better place. Founder Kim Huffngton, who has been involved in Fremont County nonprofits since 1980, knows this community is special. When the chips are down, Fremont County businesses and residents step up.

Huffington says her mother is another big reason she started Fremont County Women Who Care. "My mom died in October 2020. She had a generous heart, always very giving. I thought I could start Fremont County Women Who Care as a legacy to her generosity."

Dedicated To Giving 

Our organization is not a nonprofit itself, because we do not accept any donations, monetary or otherwise. Fremont County Women Who Care has one simple goal - to gather together as a group of philanthropic women who want to see local nonprofits succeed in their missions. In order to see these nonprofits succeed, we collect money from our members and that money goes directly into our chosen nonprofits.

In the current climate, sometimes things can seem a little out of control. But we can control things in our own community. And what better way to keep Fremont County thriving than offering donations that help local nonprofits? Contributions from our members can make a huge difference right here in Fremont County. The money goes directly into the nonprofits that need it the most. 

Not only do we gather to make contributions to local nonprofits, but after each meeting, we socialize and get to know each other. We love meeting other women with the same dedication to service and desire to make a local change. Want to become a member? Fill out a membership form and come join us at our next meeting. You can start helping fund local organizations right away! 

Women Making A Difference

Strengthening The Community

At Fremont County Women Who Care, we have one simple goal. To improve our community by making monetary donations to local non-profits.

By gathering a group of philanthropic Fremont County Women who are dedicated to seeing their money affect local change, we are able to come together to make large donations to different local non-profits four times per year. We are not a non-profit ourselves. We are focused on sending out dollars to the non-profits that keep Fremont County running.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

Our non-profits are selected during quarterly evening meetings. During this time, we vote on which nonprofit will be selected for that quarter. If you are a Fremont County Woman interested in supporting community nonprofits, we would love to have you on board!


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